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The Advanced Way Forward

Introducing URS Laboratories GDTS-SXM1 (Guided Drone Transportation System) & GDMD-SXM1 (Guided Drone Mine Detection System)

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Changing the Rules of the Game


About URS Laboratories:

URS Labs fills a void and materially combats human suffering in the most critical situations.

URS Labs developed GDTS-SXM1 (Guided Drone Transportation System) using complex and innovative robotics and artificial intelligence combined with custom made, revolutionary all-terrain delivery platforms.


Why URS Labs Robotic Drones:

URS series of robotic drones can empower agencies such as the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF and World Food Program with new tangible transportation options.

URS represents finally an answer on how to get urgent relief to those in need in a cost effective way and in a fashion that can be understood on the ground.

URS can bring relief to communities displaced in dangerous war zones while keeping relief workers a safe distance away.

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